Invitations and Artist Residencies

Invitations and Artist Residencies


Visiting Lecturer/Artist, artist talk in gallery, Galleries of Contemporary Art: Colorado Springs, CO

Visiting Lecturer/Artist, artist talk in gallery, Artisan Gallery: Paoli, WI

Visiting Lecturer/Artist, artist lecture/student critiques at various locations in India,

  • Potti Sree Ramulu Telugu University: Hyderabad, India
  • Government College of Fine Art: Kumbakonam, India
  • Banyan Hearts Artist Residency, as part of the “Drawing Space” project: Hyderabad, India


Visiting Artist, lecture, workshop, invited by student organization, University of Arizona: Tucson, AZ

Visiting Artist, one-month residency, invited by Kristien van den Oever, director, Amsterdam Grafisch Atelier, Amsterdam, Netherlands   

Visiting Artist, monoprint workshop, invited by Christina Nafziger, program coordinator, XICO Arte y Cultura: Phoenix, AZ


Visiting Lecturer/Artist, gallery talk/student critiques, Eastern Tennessee State University; Johnson City, TN

Artist in Residence, two week residency, invited by Claudia Loret and Jordi Roses, program directors, Art Print Residency at Murtra Edicions: Arenys de Munt, Barcelona, Spain


Visiting Lecturer, “Community Based Printmaking”, Mapa, Impresion de multiples Artistas, SegundoSimposio de Grafica, Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua: Chihuahua, Mexico

Visiting Artist, laser engraving workshop/lecture, Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua:  Chihuahua, Mexico


Guest Speaker, presentation of work/ArtPrize, Kendall College of Art: Grand Rapids. MI

Visiting Artist, one week, invited by Robert Peters, director, Seacourt Press: Bankor, Ireland

Artist in Residence, one month residency, selected by Pat Donlon, director, Tyrone Guthrie Center at Annaghmakerrig: Newbliss, Ireland


Artist in Residence, one month residency, invited by Gianfranco Gorini, director, Venice International Printmaking Studio: Venice, Italy

Visiting Artist, MonoPrint 2009: A Gathering of Artists, one week long event hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, organized by Professor Robert Erickson: Stevens Point, WI


Visiting Artist, spit-bite demonstration.  Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design:  Milwaukee, WI

Visiting Artist, artists’ books lecture, invited by Max Yela, special collections librarian, curator, University of Wisconsin:  Milwaukee, WI


Artist in Residence, residency for creative research, Stone House Residency: Miramonte, CA

Visiting Artist, MonoPrint 2006, one week long event hosted by the University of California-Chico, organized by Eileen McDonald, assistant professor: Chico, CA


Visiting Artist, bookbinding workshop.  Pont Aven School for Contemporary Art: Pont Aven, France

Visiting Artist, Egress Press and Research, invited by John Lysak, professor and director of Egress Press, to produce a collaborative print project with students, lecture and graduate studio visits.  Edinboro University: Edinboro PA

Artist in Residence, June 2005, residency for creative research. Jentel Artist Residency: Banner, WY


Visiting Assistant Professor, lecture, “The Silence of Time”, Visiting Artist Lecture Series, Carnegie Mellon University: Pittsburgh, PA

Artist in Residence, two-week residency to produce limited edition book and lecture. Center for Book and Paper Arts, Columbia College: Chicago, IL

Artist in Residence, one-week residency to produce site-specific outdoor installation. Stone Quarry Hill Sculpture Park, Rain Tree: Cazenovia, NY

Project Artist, a collaborative, lithography print project, Concerning Time series.  Artist Image Resource, Foreland Street Studios: Pittsburgh, PA

Visiting Artist, lecture. University of Colorado-Colorado Springs: Colorado Springs, CO


Visiting Artist, site-specific installation of The Labyrinth of Chaos and Order, lecture, and student critiques. Oklahoma Christian University: Oklahoma City, OK


Visiting Artist, site-specific installation of The Labyrinth of Chaos and Order, lecture, and student critiques. Ringling School of Art and Design: Sarasota, FL


Artist in Residence, two-week residency to produce limited edition book and lecture.  Center for Book and Paper Arts, Columbia College: Chicago, IL


Visiting Artist, printmaking demonstration, lecture and exhibition at Catherine Smith Gallery.  Appalachian State University: Boone, NC

Visiting Artist, graduate critiques, lecture and exhibition.  Texas A&M University: Commerce, TX


Visiting Artist, lecture. North Lake Community College: Irving, TX

Visiting Artist, lecture, binding workshops.  Samuel Houston University: Huntsville, TX


Visiting Artist, lecture and exhibition in library.  Texas A&M University: Commerce, TX

Visiting Artist, outdoor installation White Noise, lecture, and book arts workshop. Sponsored by the Appalachian Summer Arts Festival.  Appalachian State Univ: Boone, NC

Artist in Residence, two month residency; limited edition artist book, lecture and printing workshop. Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology: Otis, OR

Visiting Artist, participation in four-day retreat with thesis students and lecture.  Ringling School of Art and Design, Chinsegut Retreat: Sarasota, FL

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Mary Hood




Et in Arcadia ego: Even in Arcadia, there I am.” This Latin memento-mori phrase is cautiously reminding us that complexity resides in apparent simplicity. In my recent works I explore the mystery and symbolic secrecy of utopian Arcadia, historically celebrated as an unspoiled and harmonious wilderness devoid of the impact of human civilization. It is glorified as the spontaneous result of a life lived naturally, uncorrupted by civilization in pastoral simplicity. Yet, creation is by nature is both harmony and conflict. As guardians of Arcadia, it is our work to guide conflict to harmony, though all too often conflict is used as a means of personal gain. My recent work exists in this utopian environment at the luminous point in time between day and night, where imagination is unquestioned and empowered to construct new a worldview. The world we live in often feels shaped by catastrophic events, both internal and external, and a sense of looming crisis seems to provide the structure of feeling for our time. This work investigates utopian and dystopian constructions; exploring the boundaries between the idealized and abstracted spaces of an immaterial world. Without becoming too didactic, my narratives allude to themes within contemporary culture that express a political or social point of view, using animals as a metaphor for human behaviors and contemporary events. Because bears have been known to live on all continents with the exception of Australia* they serve as my primary metaphor, though I also make images of birds that fly into invisible fences, dogs who are sleeping while on guard, bunnies who are unwillingly displaced, and eagles that run through forests trying to escape world scrutiny. The act of rendering visible the difficult, the uncertain, and the unconscious helps me to understand how the precarious nature of life can be examined and how it makes us feel. *(Note: the Koala Bear is a marsupial.)

For many years prior I worked with the idea of Silence in artist’s books, prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, sound, and installations that sought to create a temporal environment for experiencing Silence. In 2000 my ideas turned to the abstract notion of Time, which, like Silence, is purely rhetorical rather than factual in its definition. In the fall of 2004 I fully turned my attention to the Now and began hand creating Ten Thousand Tears. This  project was an important tool for me to reflect upon the  environmental, social and political unrest in our chaotic global theatre.  A series of prints and artists books followed in which water is pooling, overflowing, diverting and escaping. The water in turn becomes the substance of reflection and a symbol for our collective sub-consciousness, and within each drop of water I etched my fingerprint to give an individual identity to the symbolism in the image.   ~  Mary Hood